A collection of agencies dedicated to engaging & supporting Arizona families

Service providers and advocates for families recognized that our system of family support services, particularly in these economic times, could be more responsive to families – to family voice, family goals, and family dreams. With this recognition, the Maricopa Family Support Alliance was formed in April 2011 with the support of the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

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Our Members

Alliance Values and Guiding Principles

  • Always putting families first - Families are the experts of their own lives and can best identify the greatest needs and methods to meet those needs;
  • Providing services and supports that are culturally relevant;
  • The belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts;
  • Establishing and achieving specific outcomes;
  • Ensuring open communication;
  • Working together;
  • Leaving the agency hat at the door; the focus on families drives our thinking; and
  • Being flexible and adapting to the strengths and needs presented by families.

Current Member Organizations

A New Leaf

We are a 47-year community non-profit organization, providing a broad spectrum of support services to help individuals and families in crisis.  Last year we served 32, 424 residents across the Valley.

  • Vulnerable families receive emergency help and life-changing programs for a new start – transforming their lives to become thriving members of the community. Their successes include employment, healthier lifestyles, high school diplomas/GEDs, college degrees, life skills and proud self-sufficiency.

A New Leaf is a recognized leader in crisis and family services with 30+ program sites Valley wide – from foster care to children/adult behavioral health services to financial literacy.

A Stepping Stone Foundation

Founded in 1989, A Stepping Stone Foundation’s Maricopa County activities consists of a collaboration with Alhambra and Isaac School Districts to provide family support services including: two preschool classes for a total of 40 three- and four-year-old preschool children, childcare for up to 26 younger siblings, monthly home visiting and adult education and parenting classes for the preschool parents in Phoenix. Identified as those children most at risk of school failure due to low literacy in the home environment, children attend a quality preschool program while their parents attend English and/or GED preparation classes. In 2017, A Stepping Stone began a Two-Generation Education Affinity Group which meets quarterly with practioners, policy makers and funders. We welcome new members.

A Stepping Stone
Adelante Healthcare

In 1979, a group of dedicated community members in rural Surprise and El Mirage, Arizona saw that the health care needs of local farm workers were going unmet. These concerned citizens decided to join forces and apply for federal funding to build a community health center in El Mirage. The following year, a grant was awarded to establish Clinica Adelante’s first health center. These humble beginnings formed the roots of our belief in sustainable health care and our ongoing mission to provide for those in need of quality health care.  Today, Adelante Healthcare continues to offer patients affordable health care of the highest quality at seven locations throughout Maricopa County and surrounding communities.

Arizona Department of Child Safety

The Department of Child Safety (DCS) is a program mandated under ARS §8-802 for the protection of children alleged to be abused and neglected. This program provides specialized welfare services that seek to prevent  abuse and neglect of children and to provide services to children and families that promote safety, permanency and wellbeing.  Arizona DCS receives, screens and investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect, performs assessments of child safety, assesses the imminent risk of harm to the children and evaluates conditions that support or refute the alleged abuse or neglect and need for emergency intervention.  This program also provides services designed to stabilize a family in crisis and to preserve the family unit by reducing safety and risk factors. This program provides an array of services, Family Group Decision Making, Family Preservation Services (Intensive Family Services), High-Risk Infant Services (in Maricopa County), case management, parent aide and other in-home family support services.  Not all programs are offered in every geographic area. In addition, services to promote permanence, stability and continuity of care are provided for children who enter out-of-home care.  Services include, but are not limited to case management, permanency planning, provision of out-of-home care, kinship foster care, adoptive and foster home recruitment, other out-of-home services to individuals or families, and assistance to young adults in transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Arizona Department of Economic Security

Our Mission:

The Arizona Department of Economic Security makes Arizona stronger by helping Arizonans reach their potential through temporary assistance for those in need, and care for the vulnerable.

Our Values:

  • Integrity – We are trustworthy, honest and reliable.
  • Respect – We appreciate each other, and value those we serve.
  • Accountability – We commit to excellence, innovation and transparency.
  • Teamwork – We collaborate with humility, and partner with kindness.
  • Diversity – We respect all Arizonans, and honor those in need.

Our Vision:
All Arizonans who qualify receive timely DES services and reach their potential.

Opportunity, assistance and care for Arizonans in need

Our Goals:

  • Serve Arizonans with integrity, humility and kindness
  • Support Arizonans to reach their potential through social services that train, rehabilitate, and connect them with job creators
  • Provide temporary assistance to Arizonans in need while they work toward greater self-sufficiency
  • Provide children with food, health care, and parental financial support; provide services to individuals with disabilities; and protect the vulnerable by investigating allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • Our work must continually demonstrate these values every day, through our interactions with the public and our fellow colleagues as we focus on building the capacity of the people we serve.

Each Division and every employee of DES must relate these values to their specific work so that they can become a meaningful part of their daily interactions. In this way, we all share ownership of these values and are able to relate them to our vision and our daily work, regardless of our position or job site within DES.

Arizona Learning Institute

Arizona Learning Institute (ALI) lays the groundwork of hope for successful families and children. An experienced team of bilingual health and education professionals target four major Early Childhood areas: parent empowerment training, developmental and sensory screening, case management with family coaching (navigation of resources) and family literacy instruction. Parent Empowerment training is offered by certified staff using evidenced based parent education workshop series that includes: Triple P (Positive Parenting Program), Nurturing Parents,  Opening Doors (Abriendo Puertas) and Strengthening Families Program.  Evidenced informed and promising practice workshops include the Learning Basket (ages birth to three) the Readiness Basket (birth to five), Life’s Tool Boxes, marriage & family support, children & teen support, advocacy for children in schools, and leadership classes. The Institutes’ Developmental and Sensory Screening program provides training in several integrated developmental, sensory, and case management models: using the ASQ-3 & ASQ-SE-2 single provider, ASQ Enterprise (on-line system), Community Volunteer Promatoras, and the Peer-to-Peer Home-Visitor/Community approaches. Sensory Screening is integrated with all developmental models. State-of-the-art Vision and Hearing Screening training is coordinated to meet the AZ State Health Department Standards. Case Management uses a promising practice approach combining the Colorado Navigation and Strengthening Families methods that best suit Arizona rural and urban families.

Arizona's Children Association

Founded in 1912, initially as Arizona Children’s Home, the state’s first accredited orphanage, Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) is presently one of the oldest and largest statewide child welfare and behavioral health nonprofit agencies in Arizona.  Arizona’s Children has stayed true to its mission of ‘Protecting Children and Preserving Families’ for 98 years, serving over 46,000 children up to age 18 and their families annually across all 15 counties in the state.  Over 600 staff, 560 foster family partners, and 1,400 volunteers strive to meet agency goals.  With a focus on preventing child abuse and neglect as well as serious behavior problems and family dysfunction, AzCA also helps to heal children and families who have already experienced these traumas.  The mission is driven by more than 40 Prevention, Intervention and Permanency services, including numerous multi-agency collaborations.  All programs are family-focused, strength-based, culturally-sensitive, best practice and outcome-driven.  They include:  foster care, kinship services, adoption, crisis nursery, family support and preservation, prevention, infant brain development training, counseling, substance abuse and sexual abuse treatment, special education school, Head Start, group care, adult education, preventive health and fitness, recreation, and a neighborhood Community Center.

Arizona Youth Partnership

Starting Out Right (formerly known as Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services) is a program of Arizona Youth Partnership.  We provide teen-specific pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting educational support so teens and their families can experience a positive outcome.  Our Vision is to be available to the adolescent population and their families throughout the state of Arizona and to positively affect the health and well-being of our community for generations to come.  Our comprehensive education and support program concerning health and wellness will help to improve the poor statistics adolescents are experiencing due to detrimental influences in society.

Association for Supportive Child Care


A world where all children have the essentials they need to succeed.


We champion children everywhere by providing resources and support to anyone who impacts children, helping every kid achieve the brightest outlook possible.

ASU Center for Child Well-Being

The mission of the ASU Center for Child Well-Being (ASU) is to advance child and family well-being by enhancing the resilience of families and building safer and more vibrant communities. Working in collaboration with public and private entities, CCWB draws upon the expertise of faculty and students across ASU to support, sustain, and improve community-based services and care for children and families. The Center promotes the use of data driven and evidence-informed strategies to guide policy and practice through:
• Furthering cutting-edge research and evaluation
• Designing and delivering state-of-the-art training and education
• Engaging the community through strategic partnerships to enhance collective impact

The Center is comprised of a small core of faculty and staff who manage and support CCWB’s basic programs and functions. As community needs are identified, CCWB draws upon faculty with pertinent expertise. CCWB has established Community and Faculty Fellow positions to acknowledge the contribution of individuals from the university and community who are involved with and contribute to the work of the Center. The chart below depicts the organizational structure of CCWB. Business and Operations staff are shared with another ASU Center.



The ASU REACH Institute, within the Department of Psychology, works both locally and globally with community agencies, state and local government, schools, and hospitals to implement evidence-based programs and practices with the goal of advancing research, education, and the health and well-being of children and families. Scientists at the ASU REACH Institute are leaders in prevention science who have led the way in the development and implementation of evidence-based prevention and treatment worldwide.


Founded in 1966, AZCEND changes lives by nourishing minds and bodies to create a connected, thriving community.


The Benevilla Family Resource Center (BFRC) is funded by First Things First to help parents maximize the learning window of children 0 -5 years old.  Our  programs focus on three main strategies:   1. Community Resource and Referral to raise family awareness of, and provide linkages to, community services and supports, 2. Health Insurance Enrollment whereby trained, bi-lingual Assistors help families complete applications for AHCCCS and DES programs in convenient community locations, 3. Parenting Skill Development , which provides families parenting education opportunities including various series of  evidence –based parent classes; one-time family workshops; Grandparents Raising Grandchildren support groups; and parent – child interactive groups.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) provides children ages 6-18 with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better. After 18 months, BBBS youth are 46% less likely than their peers to begin using illegal drugs, 52% less likely to skip school and 33% less likely to hit someone.  Littles are also more confident in their performance in school and get along better with their families. Youth and mentors meet 2-4 time per month to do activities they both enjoy in the community, with the focus on building a supportive, trusting relationship that will have a long-term impact on the child’s life.

Boys to Men of Greater Phoenix Mentoring Network

Mission: We create positive transformational change for boys and the community; using group and peer mentoring that empowers boys to discover their inner resources and emotional awareness on the journey toward healthy manhood.

Boys to Men of Greater Phoenix is a 501c3 AZ nonprofit and non-sectarian organization that guides boys aged 13 – 17 through their crucial teen years toward healthy manhood.

We use a proven group-based mentoring model in which boys get explore the impacts of their actions and choices, while learning integrity, accountability and compassion. Trained and vetted men model proper adult behavior. We listen with focused attention and accept and acknowledge each boy as being okay exactly as he is. This allows the boy to accept his own gifts, while making room for him to face what is not working. Boys are supported in developing their own inner resources and gaining a better understanding of healthy emotional behavior.

  • Site based Mentoring: (Go to the Boys) weekly Middle school-High School mentor groups
  • Rite of Passage Weekends: (Take boys to the mountain) 3x a year in Northern AZ
  • Adventure Groups: (Invite boys to meet us outside) 2x a month events

Buckeye Family Resource Center

The mission of the Buckeye Family Resource Center is to meet the needs of children five and under as well as Buckeye area families by providing:

1.  Family Support in the greater Buckeye area via Resource Referrals, Job board, Copies, Faxes, in-house Phone and Internet use.  Parent and Child Development Support includes Kindergarten Readiness Classes, Parent/Child (Baby/Toddler/Preschooler) Interaction Classes, and Parent Workshops.

2.  Developmental and Sensory (Vision and Hearing) Screenings in an effort to identify, and mitigate potential delays, and sensory deficiencies by referring families to Early Intervention programs to address children’s more complex needs.

All services are free of charge to the greater Buckeye Community including Buckeye, Harquahala Valley, Palo Verde, Rainbow Valley, Tonopah, and Arlington.


Building Community

Vision: Family resilience through community engagement.

Mission: Strengthening family resilience by linking organizations to each other and the families they serve.

Building Community contracts with organizations to provide a community to family liaison. Our liaison leads organizations in defining meaningful family engagement goals and implementing strategies to foster mutual trust and communication between multiple programs and the families they serve.

Our Liaison facilitates organizational staff focus groups to identify more effective internal and inter-agency communication and coordination strategies. After identifying a key goal and a key strategy, Building Community Liaison will develop and oversee a formalized plan aimed to develop mutual trust and communication among programs, and between programs and the families they serve.

In collaboration with a program or multiple programs, Building Community works to support families in developing key protective factors identified by The Center for the Study of Social Policy, including: parental resilience (managing stress), social connections (positive relationships), knowledge of parenting and child development (child development and parenting strategies), concrete support (services that address a family’s needs), and social and emotional competence of children (healthy interactions and relationships).

Cancer Support Community Arizona (CSCAZ)

Cancer Support Community Arizona (CSCAZ) is a non-profit organization that provides support to individuals that are impacted by cancer.  “Our mission is to ensure all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community.”  CSCAZ offers various programs each month to include health and nutrition, support groups, therapeutic art, education seminars and workshops, youth/teen and family programs, Latino programs, resource and referral and fun community events.  All of CSCAZ services/programs are 100% free and are led by professionals.

Care1st Health Plan Arizona, A WellCare Company

Care1st Health Plan Arizona,a WellCare Company is an HMO and HMO SNP plan dedicated to serving AHCCCS enrollees that reside in the five northern counties (Yavapai, Coconino, Mohave, Apache and Navajo) and and the central region (Maricopa, Pinal and Gila Counties).

Since our inception in 2003; Care1st Health Plan Arizona proudly provides coverage to beneficiaries of Arizona’s implementation of the Federal Medicaid program, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), as well as coverage for Care1st members who are enrolled in Medicare and the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) program.


Carol Lopinski and Associates, LLC

Carol Lopinski, LCSW, ACSW and Associates, LLC is committed to building relationships with  individuals, families, organizations and systems that collaborate together to strengthen family outcomes.

Catholic Charities Community Services

Established in 1933, Catholic Charities Community Services has been providing comprehensive human services throughout Central and Northern Arizona.  Through an array of programs/services Catholic Charities has focused on reducing poverty; helping abused women and their children; helping sex-trafficked women, welcoming and assisting refugees; promoting healthy youth; reducing homelessness and strengthening families.  The mission of Catholic Charities is:  “Helping our community’s most vulnerable with solutions that permanently improve lives.”  The agency mission and overarching agency strategy is to strive for sustainable solutions.  Central to this strategy is an organizational philosophy of collaboration and a network of partners in our communities to achieve our desired outcomes. Each year, Catholic Charities touches more than 80,000 lives providing help, creating hope and serving all.

Chandler CARE Center

The Chandler CARE Center, a program of Chandler Unified School District, is a family resource center providing resources to families in the heart of Chandler’s redevelopment area. The CARE Center provides eligible individuals and families access to social services including SNAP/AHCCCS/TANF enrollment, First Things First parent resources, a food bank, WIC, and VITA. Uninsured children living in Chandler and/or attending a CUSD school can access no-cost health care including medical care, immunizations, hearing and vision screening and referrals, and both preventive and restorative dental.



Chicanos Por La Causa - Parenting Arizona




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Parenting Arizona (PA) prevents child abuse and neglect through parent education, community collaboration, and multicultural family support.  Parenting Arizona, formerly Parents Anonymous, was founded in 1970 and is now a program of Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) and operates as a separate and unique 501(c)3.  Parenting Arizona offers the following services in nine centers and multiple in-home sites throughout the entire state:  multicultural focus, community-based parent education, in-home family support services, Healthy Families, school-based programs, volunteer services and community outreach.

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Child & Family Resources, Inc.

At Child and Family Resources, we build strong communities where children can reach their full potential. Our vision is Thriving Children, Healthy Communities. Not sure if we have over 20 programs currently statewide. I’ve been asking and trying to figure out how to have a comprehensive list of all the programs we have statewide and per location. I only have Tucson’s currently that I had put together. Also now that we have more offices I am not sure if we are touching more counties or not.  Our 3 key focus areas are Quality Child Care and Education, Family and Community Services and Teen & Prevention Services.

Child Crisis Arizona

Child Crisis Arizona serves families of diverse backgrounds with the vision of creating safe kids…strong families. We provide a safe haven for abused and neglected children, enrich youngsters through early childhood education, build stronger families by connecting them with critical resources, offer free parenting classes and workshops, provide family preservation services, offer trauma therapy to youth 17 and younger, and recruit, train, license and support foster and adoptive families.

City of Avondale, Care1st Avondale Resource Center

The first of its kind in the Southwest Valley, the City of Avondale’s, Care1st Avondale Resource Center is a multifaceted hub for human services  made possible by the innovative public and private partnership between Care1st Health Plan Arizona, First Things First and the City of Avondale. The City of Avondale is responsible for recruiting participating non-profit agencies, coordinating the services provided and evaluating the outcomes. The non-profits are provided free space in the center in exchange for providing the much needed services in the Southwest Valley. All programs and services listed are available without cost, with exception of Court ordered parenting classes.

Services offered at the Resource Center include:

  •  AHCCCS, TANF, SNAP and Affordable Care Act Application and Enrollment
  • Tutoring in English and literacy
  • Walk-in services for WIC (Women, Infant and Children)
  • Early childhood programming
  • Teen pregnancy support
  • Employment services
  • Rental and utility assistance
  • Legal aid services
  • Domestic violence support groups
  • Medicare benefits counseling
  • Citizenship classes
  • Housing assistance
  • Community referrals

City of Phoenix Human Services Department

The Human Services Department provides a comprehensive array of services to help people achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency.  Services and programs reach a diverse population of Phoenix residents from preschool children participating in Head Start programs, to individual and families needing emergency rent, mortgage or utility assistance, to older adults attending senior center activities.  Human Services Department programs provide a safety net of services to those living independently, and extends a helping hand to vulnerable residents in times of crisis or need.

City of Surprise Resource Center

The City of Surprise Resource Center offers regional services to individuals and families seeking resources like utility assistance, eviction prevention assistance, employment services, benefit assistance, food boxes, parenting education, Veterans employment services and more. The Surprise Resource Center operates the Community Action Program for El Mirage and Surprise residents. The Surprise Resource Center is located at 12425 W. Bell Rd, Bldg. A, Ste. #124 Surprise in the AZ TechCelerator Campus. 623-222-1600.

Council of International Programs, Phoenix Branch

Empower International promotes international understanding through professional development and cross-cultural exchange.  We create and lead trips abroad for Arizona Social Workers, students and other Human Service professionals.  We also host Social Workers, Non Profit leaders and other Civil Service leaders from around the world,  We customize a training program or internship between 1 and 12 weeks long, host family stay, cultural opportunities and professional exchange and dialogue. We are one of several affiliate chapters of the Council of International Programs USA, a 501c3,  based locally in Phoenix.

We believe in providing the highest quality professional training and cultural experiences for each of our participants. We believe that when true professional and cultural exchange happens, understanding and tolerance are built. We take the time and care to provide excellent and supportive training programs that create positive change in communities in the Arizona and around the world.

Creighton Family Resource Center

The Creighton Family Resource Center connects families to community resources, provides parenting education and support, and provides families with opportunities for adults and children to play, learn and grow together.  With the goal of preparing children for Kindergarten and beyond!  We provide many resources including a food pantry, free clothing store, readiness classes, parent education classes and more!


DAMES is focused on empowering parents who are raising a child who has been diagnosed with a disability.  We offer our members access to educational webinars, informative blog posts, guided meditations, and fitness classes.  Everything we offer online and on our mobile app.  We are becoming a charity in 2020 and have several more initiatives in the pipeline.

DAMES founder Michele Thorne, is also a part of the DRC (Disability Resource Connection), is taking part in parent listen panels with the Department of Developmental Disabilities, has worked on DDD initiatives, and has been invited to join the ALTCS Advisory Council. Michele has graduated from the Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona and is currently working on legislation to add positive parenting programs into the list of services that IDEA part C offers parents in Arizona.

Deer Valley Unified School District Family Resource Center

The Deer Valley Unified School District’s Family Resource Center in partnership with First Things First, provides support to strengthen families living in the North Phoenix and Northwest Maricopa. DVFRC offers education, prevention, and awareness by coordinating existing programs and services to meet the needs of families with children ages birth through five. In support of this mission, the center empowers our parents and caregivers to become educators themselves, and join in the joy of their child’s learning during the early developmental years.

Desert Financial Credit Union

We are a credit union, which is a not-for-profit financial cooperative.  Through our Community Development Department, we help the community through volunteer service, team member donations, community giving an financial education.

We established our 501c foundation in 2017, which will allow us to be able to provide additional support and services to non-profit agencies and the community at large.


Educare Arizona’s mission is to ensure vulnerable young children and their families are successful in school and life by providing quality early childhood learning, family support and health care and by acting as an unequivocal voice for early childhood policy and practice.  A state of the art, full-day, year round school, Educare Arizona serves children from birth to five years.  Embracing our community’s most vulnerable children with programming and instructional support that develop early skills and nurture strong parent-child relationships, Educare Arizona creates the foundation for successful learning.

Family Bridges

Family Bridges is a nonprofit organization that invites people to make their lives a more personally-fulfilling, happier and healthier experience. We empower individuals with practical relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution and problem solving. We also help them understand the role that emotions, forgiveness, gratitude, commitment and affection play in any relationship.

Family Involvement Center

Family Involvement Center’s (FIC’s) mission is to provide assistance and support to parents and caregivers raising children with emotional, physical, and behavioral health needs. We help parents who are navigating child-serving systems, such as: Schools, the Department of Child Safety, Juvenile Justice, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral and Physical Health Care, Foster Care and more.

FIC is a family-run organization that fosters parent-to-parent connections through training, education, one-on-one and group support that is delivered by parents, for parents. On our own journey as parents and caregivers of children with unique needs, we learned that connecting with other parents and sharing knowledge, support and compassion is invaluable. At FIC, we invite you to do the same.

Our services include:

For Parents and Caregivers:

  • Parent-to-Parent Support
  • Parent Assistance Line
  • Parent Education and Training
  • Family Leadership Opportunities
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Information and Referral
  • Respite Care Services
  • Training and Technical Assistance

For Youth:

  • Individual Mentoring
  • Skill-Building Education
  • Prosocial Activities
  • Year-long and Summer Programming

First Things First

First Things First partners with families and communities to give all Arizona children the opportunity to arrive at kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed.

A voter-created, statewide organization, First Things First funds early education and health programs that support the development and learning of children from birth to age 5, before kindergarten. Programs and services supported by First Things First focus on: strengthening families, quality child care and preschool, and preventive health.

Decisions about how FTF funds are spent are made by local councils staffed by community volunteers. The amount of funding allocated to each area is based on the number of children birth through age 5 in that community and the percentage of young children living in poverty.

Learn more at FirstThingsFirst.org.


4th Trimester Arizona

The vulnerability of women and families during the postpartum period is often overlooked in the U.S.  New parents may feel pressure to clean, make dinner, lose baby weight, and possibly to return to work, all while healing from birth and learning how to care for a newborn’s every need, often in isolation.  Many face sleepless nights, pain, hormonal changes, physical exhaustion, money concerns, and more.  Because social mores dictate that parents feel only joy and fulfillment during this time, many parents feel shame and guilt at their own disappointment and feelings of overwhelm.  Partners and other family members often feel helpless as well, as they may need to return to work full time, may themselves be sleep deprived, and may be without resources or tools to offer the mother.  4th Trimester Arizona aims to address these issues by producing community events and ongoing support groups in which parents, caretakers, and family members are able to acknowledge their various postpartum experiences in a safe way, sharing personal stories of beauty as well as pain, to feel accepted by their peers, to process and heal, to bond with their babies and create stronger family units, to more effectively utilize community support systems available to them, and to continue to inform support systems and care providers as to what is most needed during this critical time in a family’s lives.

Glendale Elementary School District #40

Provides educational services to 18 elementary schools in Glendale.

Helping Families In Need

Helping Families In Need is a local non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that helps Arizona’s vulnerable secure affordable healthcare and the resources they need. HFIN’s Application Assisters have been working since 2011, to assist community members in accessing various resources and benefits such as food and nutrition through the SNAP program, cash assistance through TANF, health insurance through Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act, as well as referring them for help with other basic needs, such as employment and housing. HFIN mission maintains “To make a lasting change in the lives of Arizona’s children and their families by securing affordable health care and other resources for those most in need”. HFIN’s bilingual and bicultural Community Health Workers are very successful in reaching out to and engaging families who might not otherwise seek help, because HFIN believes that that no one should be denied the basic needs of healthcare.

Heidi's Village

Heidi’s Village exists to foster a community where animals are treated with respect, dignity and compassion.

We envision a world where all cats and dogs live in forever homes whose environment is healthy, safe and secure.

HonorHealth Desert Mission

For over 90 years, Desert Mission has improved the health and well-being of individuals from all socioeconomic walks of life through programs that embrace the power of resiliency and foster self-sufficiency. Our legacy continues to be defined by a commitment to serving our community through programs and services that address several social determinants of health. These include: Early Childhood Education,  Senior Enrichment, Employment Services, Financial Coaching,  Food Access and Nutrition Support and Safe and Affordable Housing.

Hope Women’s Center

Hope Women’s Center serves women and teen girls facing any difficult life situation. Whether they are faced with poverty, domestic or sexual abuse, unplanned pregnancy, unemployment, single parenting, prostitution, drug/alcohol abuse, or family conflict, our trained mentors and teachers are available to help provide assistance, encouragement, support, and the necessary tools to make positive changes for their future. Our programs include free parenting and life skills classes, 1:1 mentoring and support groups, support for birth moms with children in foster care, pregnancy testing and support, free childcare for moms participating in our programs, community resource referrals, and material resources such as diapers, food, clothing, toiletries, and cash utility assistance.

Human Resource Training

Human Resource Training (HRT) offers a continuum of care related to the welfare of families.  HRT’s 200 foster homes include after-hours immediate placement, homes specializing in developmental disabilities (DDD), homes that specialize in therapeutic foster care for children and youth with behavioral and emotional problems (HCTC), medically-fragile foster care, regular foster care for individual children and sibling groups, kinship foster care and adoption.  HRT’s in-home services division, Parenting Skills Program, (PSP) provides in-home counseling and parent aide services to families experiencing the stressors related to child abuse and neglect.

Hushabye Nursery

In response to community need, Hushabye Nursery created a new care model for family systems and communities impacted by the opioid use disorder public health crisis.  Our innovative program serves the families impacted by the opioid crisis with effective ways to support families and ensure that children have a strong and loving family.  Our trauma responsive detox center is a 12 bed unit specializing in the care of infants experiencing neonatal abstinence syndrome and intensive family-based services.  Our “room in” care model reduces the risk of traumatic stress and keeps infants at risk of entering the foster care system with their mother in a safe and inclusive space.  In addition, our wraparound services give parents the support and education needed to navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting infants experiencing NAS.  By providing support groups, case management, counseling, and education opportunities we strive to keep families together in an healthy and supportive environment.

ICM Food & Clothing Bank

At ICM Food & Clothing Bank (also known as Interfaith Cooperative Ministries), we meet the basic needs of 100 families every day, six days a week.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives.  Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the IRC offers lifesaving care and life-changing assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster.  At work today in over 40 countries and in 22 U.S. cities, the IRC restores safety, dignity and hope to millions who are uprooted and struggling to endure. The IRC leads the way from harm to home.




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Live and Learn

Live and Learn’s mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty for women through career training that leads to financial self-sufficiency.  Arizona has one of the highest rates of poverty in the USA, and this disproportionately affects women and children.  Almost 40% of employed women in the state live in extreme poverty, and 79% of the state’s single-parent families are headed by women living below the federal poverty line.  Thankfully, there is a solution to generational poverty.  Research shows that the cycle can be broken by providing women with the tools needed to achieve economic self-sufficiency, including psychosocial support, education, job training, and life skills.  This research informed the development of Live and Learn, which was founded in 2012.

Live and Learn provides clients with a structured pathway to economic independence.  We do this through personalized career planning, education, training, mentoring and financial assistance, and program staff provide individualized support to each participant over a two-year period.

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest (LSS-SW) has ministered to the urgent needs of people in communities throughout Arizona and the southwest.  A willing heart, a helping hand, and a sense of serving the community with joy are reflected in the quality human care services LSS-SW is proud to deliver. Programs are developed and services delivered through partnerships with Lutheran congregations, other faith-based and community organizations, and federal and state government entities.

Maggie's Place

Maggie’s Place provides houses of hospitality and ongoing support to help pregnant and parenting women in need reach their goals, and welcomes them into a community filled with love and dignity.

Marc Community Resources, Inc.

Marc Community Resources provides opportunities for people who have disabilities to determine where and how they live, learn, work and play.

Since 1957, Marc Community Resources, Inc. has continued to evolve and reinvent itself to adapt to changes in the political, social and economic environments. Through all of these changes, we have remained committed to the principles defined by Marc’s original founding families.

We take great pride in being able to state, that as an organization, we represent yesterday’s values, today’s services and tomorrow’s vision.

Maricopa County Human Services Dept.

The mission of the Maricopa County Human Services Department is to provide education, employment, shelter, and basic needs services to individuals, families, and communities so they can enhance their opportunities for physical, social, and economic wellbeing. The Human Services Department comprises four Divisions: Community Development, Community Services, Early Education, and Workforce Development.

Maricopa County Public Health

The mission of Maricopa County Department of Public Health is to make healthy lives possible with the goal of having a healthy , safe , and thriving community. By following the principles of Equity, Accountability, Community, Collaboration and Maximum Impact, MCDPH seeks to improve community wellness by actively implementing and evaluating services and programming that aim to decrease preventable disease. These programs include Family Health Promotion, Food Safety, Immunizations, Public Health Preparedness, Disease Control and Prevention, and Birth and Death Certificates.

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

We’re a locally owned and operated nonprofit organization that manages the public behavioral health system and serve eligible individuals in Maricopa County and parts of Pinal County. We’re sponsored by Mercy Care Plan and Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS).

If you’re experiencing behavioral health or substance abuse issues, you can call Mercy Maricopa Member Services at 602-586-1841 or toll-free 1-800-564-5465; (TTY/TDD) 711. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have a wide network of community providers that serve our members and give them the support they need to reach their recovery goals. Our providers offer behavioral and physical health care, peer- and family-run services, crisis intervention and substance use and suicide prevention.

Mesa Presbyterian Ministries

FPC Mesa seeks to offer broad support for all types of families through typical programs such as small groups, children’s programs, and counseling.  In addition, working with various sister agencies, we offer a Preschool, literacy training, and seek to provide short term financial relief for families in distress in the areas of rent, utilities, food and other housing related expenses.

Mesa Unified School District, Community Education & Outreach Department

For over 30 years, Mesa Public Schools Adult Education for College and Career Readiness has offered adult education classes to help meet the growing needs of our adult learners.  We provide educational opportunities for adult learners to increase their English language skills and obtain their High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma.  Mesa Public Schools Family Literacy program offers family literacy instruction to parents of K-3rd grade children at their child’s elementary school.  Family literacy programming includes instruction in English as a second language, parenting, and children’s education.  The program seeks to build on the parent’s role as their child’s first and most important teacher.  Our programs support the MPS promise:  Each student is known by name, served by strength and need, and completes our program ready for college, career and community.


MIKID is a non-profit, licensed Outpatient Clinic, Family-Run organization in the State of Arizona that provides behavioral health services to youth and families throughout AZ. MIKID currently has offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, Casa Grande, Nogales, Kingman, and Prescott. In addition, MIKID offers in-home and community supports across the state.

MIKID provides support, education, and skills development to families and their children, as well as youth and young adults, who are experiencing mental health and behavior challenges throughout Arizona. This is accomplished through MIKID staff providing one-on-one family support, peer support, health promotion, support groups, training and education, both individual and community-based living skills, respite, and connecting families and individuals with natural supports in the community. MIKID’s approach is grounded in the focus of assisting families and youth to have a strong and respected voice in the services they receive, the systems that provide those services, and their community at large. These services are unique in that those staff providing many of these services are family members, parents, and young adults who have personal “lived experience” in dealing with behavioral health needs.

Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy is a mobile medical program providing free primary healthcare services, medications, lab and imaging services to uninsured individuals and families across Maricopa County.

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Valley of the Sun Affiliate

NAMI Valley of the Sun is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families through support, education and advocacy.  We offer evidence-based educational programs and support groups to family members of individuals who are experiencing a mental health condition; we also provide a peer support group and community educational presentations throughout Maricopa County by individuals with lived experience called “In Our Own Voice.”

National Center for Families Learning

The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) is a national nonprofit organization working to eradicate poverty through education solutions for families. Partnering with educators, literacy advocates, and policymakers, NCFL develops and provides programming, professional development, and resources from the classroom to the community that empower and raise families to achieve their potential. For the last three decades, NCFL has seeded and supported effective family literacy programs across the US that serve disadvantaged families – including those with students who are English language learners, minorities, are disabled, are homeless, in foster care, and migrants – and has continued to demonstrate effectiveness through independent evaluation and research. NCFL was instrumental in developing the federal definition of family literacy services that informs the US government today. This definition brings continuity to traditional four-component family literacy programs and is in federal legislation, such as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Head Start Act, Workforce Investment Act, and the Community Service Block Grant Act.

Native American Connections

Improving the lives of individuals and families through Native American culturally appropriate behavioral health, affordable housing, and community development services.  Since 1972, Native American Connections has been changing lives, strengthening families, and building healthy communities.  In that time, we have grown from a small grassroots organization operating one program for Native American men in recovery from substance abuse into one which now owns and operates 15 sites throughout Central Phoenix offering a continuum of affordable housing and behavioral health services which touch the lives of over 5,000 individuals and families each year.

Native American Fatherhood & Families Association

The Native American Fatherhood & Families Association (NAFFA) began with the purpose of strengthening Native American families through responsible fatherhood. Our approach is to is based upon a culturally rich model that inspires and motivates fathers and mothers to devote their best efforts in teaching and raising children to develop their potential and the attributes needed for success in life.

NAFFA provide training for facilitators to teach three powerful programs, including Fatherhood Is Sacred/Motherhood Is Sacred, Linking Generations to Strengthen Relationships and Addressing Family Violence and Abuse.

Native Health

NATIVE HEALTH is a Federally Qualified Health Center and Urban Indian Health Program and all are welcome. NATIVE HEALTH provides primary medical, dental, behavioral health, WIC and wellness services.   NATIVE HEALTH has four locations: NATIVE HEALTH Central (Central/Indian School), NHW Community Health Center (Dunlap/24th Avenue), NATIVE HEALTH Maryvale (68th Avenue/Indian School, in partnership with Chicanos Por La Causa), and NATIVE HEALTH Mesa (Southern/Extension). NATIVE HEALTH provides free transportation for medical and dental appointments within a 15 mile radius of Central and Dunlap locations. Other community services are available at NATIVE HEALTH Central such as Arizona Department of Economic Security, food distribution and more. NATIVE HEALTH provides services to over 17,000 individuals per year, resulting in over 68,000 visits per year.  NATIVE HEALTH is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is led by a Chief Executive Officer under the supervision of the Board of Directors. NATIVE HEALTH is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.

New Pathways for Youth

For the past 30 years, New Pathways for Youth has served youth experiencing poverty and four times the adversity of other youth—adversities such as parent incarceration, abuse and neglect, substance abuse, and high school dropout. Through 1:1 mentoring in a connected community of other mentors and youth and evidence based personal development and life skills retreats and workshops, our youth create breakthroughs in self destructive thought patterns that lead to actions consistent with the future they want. In 1989, our first program served 40 youth. We have since grown to serve over 450 youth annually and more than 6,500 youth since our beginning.

Onward Hope, Inc.

Onward Hope, Inc. is a local non-profit that provides foster care, adoption, prevention and transition services. We support youth and families involved in the child welfare system, focus on improving the family unit with an initial goal of reunification and ultimately permanency for youth and families.  Additionally, we support youth aging out of foster care from the ages of 14-29, while also serving at-risk youth.  We use Evidence-Based or Research-Based curriculum to assist in strengthening families, individuals and child welfare professionals.  To learn more about Onward Hope, Inc., please visit www.onwardhope.org.

Open Hearts

In 1974, Open Hearts began with a dream to develop a new model of community-based services. We are a specialty mental health provider, delivering excellence through integrated care, focused on a high quality, team based approach. We meet people in vulnerable situations right where they are in order to build on their strengths, expand their opportunity to cope, and empower them to strive toward a better future. As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we are dedicated and true to our mission to provide holistic, quality services to support the well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.

Paradise Valley Family Resource Center

Paradise Valley Family Resource Center prepares children ages birth to five, for success in school and life by providing the resources and referrals that connect and strengthen families. Open to all Phoenix residents, children play and develop skills while parents learn about the importance of parenting.

Pendergast Family Resource Center

The Pendergast Family Resource Center is a family-centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high quality outreach program that supports the development, health, and education of all PESD families and the surrounding community with a focus on families with children birth to age five.

Peoria Unified School District Family Resource Center

The Peoria Unified School District Family Resource Center sponsored by First Things First helps families to identify available services and provides them with support, referrals, workshops and seminars covering a wide range of topics such as nutrition, early literacy, language, child development, discipline & guidance, preventative health care, parenting skills and more.  By coordinating existing programs and services we can meet the various needs of families with young children ages birth through five years.

Phoenix Children's Hospital

CareConnect AZ connects families to resources to address their most pressing needs while strengthening partnerships with their medical providers.  CareConnect AZ focuses on young children ages birth to five and their families.  CareConnect AZ bridges the gap between existing health care services, communities, and families, by linking children and families to appropriate services and resources.  CareConnect AZ provides a single point of entry into the multiple systems of care and services for families to obtain appropriate services.  CareConnect AZ strives to strengthen parent and provider relationships, provide coordination of services for the child and family, increase families’ awareness of community resources, and improve families’ sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency.  CareConnect AZ is a voluntary care coordination program that supports families with children age 0 to 5 who are in need of care coordination services.

Phoenix Rescue Mission

Phoenix Rescue Mission (PRM) provides Christ-centered, life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness. Community Engagement programs meet basic needs of people living in the community through the provision of food, hygiene items, and clothing. Street Outreach uses the Hope Coach vans to encounter people who are living on the streets and put them on a path to help them permanently end their homelessness. RAP (Rescue-Assess-Place) is a program that brings people who are experiencing crisis into a safe place where their problems can be assessed and they can be placed in a situation that will meet their needs. Transformations is PRM’s core program, which provides anywhere from 2-24 months of intensive residential Christian discipleship with a focus on helping people overcome the problems that have derailed their lives. This program is staffed with licensed professional counselors, case managers, and chaplains in an approach that addresses the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social needs of each individual. RAP and Transformations are offered for men, single women, and mothers with children (age 12 and younger).

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is the leading voice that advocates for the wellbeing of Arizona’s children through the prevention of child abuse and neglect. The organization provides training, research-based prevention services, and parent education to help promote strong families and safe, healthy children.

Protecting Arizona's Family Coalition (PAFCO)

Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition (PAFCO) is a nonpartisan alliance of health and human service agencies, faith-based organizations, and advocacy networks. PAFCO was formed in 2001 by a group of individuals representing agencies that each separately advocated for alternatives to state budget cuts. PAFCO believes there is power in unity, strength in equity – and that common values result in a shared vision.


Raising Special Kids

Raising Special Kids is a non-profit organization of families helping families of children with disabilities and special health needs in Arizona.  We provide information, training, resources, and support to families of children with disabilities and special health care needs in Arizona.  Experienced staff lend an understanding ear and assist families in identifying and locating appropriate resources.  Workshops offer training in a variety of skills including advocacy, effective communication and collaboration techniques.  Our newsletter, Connecting, reaches more than 10,000 parents and professionals and e-news alerts are shared by request with a growing list of interested individuals.

RISE Services, Inc.

RISE, Inc. is a non-profit social service agency founded in 1987 for the purpose of moving children who were institutionalized into foster homes. Most of these children had a mental health diagnosis or disability. Since that time, services have grown to support children, adults, and families with a variety of needs in Utah, Oregon, Arizona, and most recently Texas. RISE not only provides foster homes for children, but also after school and summer programs, early intervention services, respite and advising services, and treatment level foster care for children with high needs and/or disabilities.

Our mission at RISE, Inc. is to “Create opportunities for and with people”. This mission statement encompasses not only the individuals and families for whom we provide services and supports to, but also employees and stakeholders.


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals and families in our community who have nowhere else to turn for help.
As important, SVdP provides meaningful opportunities for volunteers to serve their neighbors in need with love and compassion.

SVdP has been serving our community throughout central and northern Arizona since 1946.  Programs include:

  • Services for the homeless.
  • Medical and dental care for the working poor.
  • Charity dining rooms that serve thousands each day.
  • Food boxes for hungry families.
  • Thrift stores throughout the region.
  • A bridge housing shelter.
  • General assistance for individuals in need.

We provide help for people’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs.  By doing this with care and respect, we show them that they matter and they are children of God.

Sojourner Center

Sojourner Mission Statement:  Overcoming the impact of domestic violence, one life at a time.  We provide a broad spectrum of services to victims of domestic violence, while working with professionals in the field on education, research and advocacy with the goal of ending domestic violence.

Sojourner has been offering safe shelter and critical services to domestic violence victims and their children at a confidential location in Arizona since 1977.  We are one of the largest and longest running domestic violence shelters in Arizona and the U.S., serving victims of all genders, race, economic situations or upbringing.  The participants we serve have experienced domestic violence in all forms.  We became an affiliated subsidiary organization of Jewish Family & Children’s Service in 2017; we maintain our 501c3 designation and identity and brand.

Southwest Human Development

The first five years of life are the most critical in a child’s development.  At Southwest Human Development, our services improve lives and help families by supporting young children and their caregivers during this important time.

In partnership with families, we provide children with the care, attention and support needed to set them on a path to success in school and life, and help them reach their greatest potential. We are Arizona’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to early childhood development and our 900 staff members provide 40 innovative programs and services to 135,000 children and their families each year.

We strive to give every child the healthy foundation they need to be better prepared for success in life. We focus on following key areas: Child Development, Child Welfare and Family Support, Easterseals Disabilities Services, Early Literacy, Head Start, Mental Health, and Professional Development and Training.

Southwest Human Development is a leader in providing these comprehensive and innovative programs and services by using the latest science and evidence-based practices.

Our programs and services are designed to improve the learning, behavior and health of young children, which in turn helps them enter school ready to learn.

Strong Families AZ

Strong Families AZ is a network of home visiting programs that helps families raise healthy children ready to succeed in school and in life. Our programs focus on expectant parents and families with children. Home visitors have helped families just like yours become stronger. We understand you and are here to help you build on the parenting skills you already have. Services are voluntary and are offered at no cost to you.

Tempe Community Council

Tempe Community Council (TCC) is a community-based nonprofit with a 40-year history of encouraging resident interaction and commitment to human services in Tempe.  TCC serves as a unique convening point for government, nonprofits, the faith community and residents to work together to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community are served with dignity and provided with a comprehensive system of support.  TCC and the City of Tempe are partners in a continuum of coordinated services to enhance the lives of Tempe residents, particularly those most in need.  Tempe Community Council provides:  services for children and youth, affordable, independent housing for seniors, financial literacy and education, the stewardship of funds to invest in moving people out of crisis and into self-sufficiency, human service referral, research and planning of human service issues and policy, volunteer and advocacy opportunities and a culture for building philanthropy in our community.


Terros Health is a whole health, whole person care provider delivering health care with specialization in substance abuse recovery, mental health, prevention, wellness, mobile crisis, and family services. Through extraordinary care delivered for exceptional outcomes Terros Health seeks to inspire positive health changes for life for Arizona children, families and communities.  Terros Health provides a full spectrum of physical and mental health services for children, adults and families within an integrated medical home care model.

Thrive to Five Family Resource Centers

The Thrive to Five Family Resource Center strives to build healthy and empowered families by providing free classes and resources on child health and development. Our parent trainers partner with families to provide resources and referrals, information about developmental screenings and parent education classes including: early literacy, nutrition, positive discipline, and kindergarten readiness classes. Classes are available in English and Spanish, and free childcare is provided during parent workshops. Families with children ages five and under are welcome.  Thrive to Five is a First Things First funded program.

Town of Gila Bend Family Resource Center

The Gila Bend Family Resource Center gives parents and caregivers the tools they need to support the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of their young children. Funded in part by First Things First, we are a place where families can get connected to the community resources they need. Our focus is on early childhood literacy, parent and grandparent education, nutrition, health, and child-centered activities. Programs, resources, and referrals are provided for family members of all ages. In addition, we offer assistance and services such as food boxes, hygiene supplies, Baby Bags (emergency baby supplies), Community Action Program (CAP), AHCCCS/SNAP application assistance, and developmental and sensory screenings. With Gila Bend over 35 miles away from a hospital, pharmacy, and grocery store, the Family Resource Center plays a key role in our community.



Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking (TRUST)

Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking (TRUST) coordinates anti-trafficking efforts in Arizona and increases public awareness about the crisis as it relates to Arizona’s children.  TRUST creates opportunities for communication between service providers, community outreach organizations, law enforcement, legal services, the judiciary, media representatives and victim advocates.  We were founded with the express purpose of eliminating the commercial sexual exploitation of young people.

UMOM New Day Centers

UMOM was founded in 1964 to provide basic needs for at-risk families and individuals in the greater Phoenix communities. Today, UMOM’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual. The vision of UMOM is to be a leader in breaking the cycle of homelessness. UMOM has grown significantly over the past 55 years and offers diverse solutions to end homelessness, which makes a greater impact in our community. UMOM effectively leverages its many programs that include coordinated entry, shelter, housing, and supportive services to holistically serve the most vulnerable families, single women and unaccompanied youth in a coordinated and efficient manner.

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension-Maricopa County

The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension-Maricopa County recently celebrated its 105th anniversary.  The Family, Consumer and Health Sciences outreach programs in Maricopa County include the Roosevelt Early Childhood Family Resource Center in South Phoenix with its extensive family support, parenting and literacy offerings. The UA Cooperative Extension community-based nutrition education and leadership development programs have over a 60 year history of translating research into useful information. County-based faculty and staff provide a wide array of consultation services, train the trainer programs and group facilitation based upon needs of individuals, families, communities and organizations.  The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension’s mission is to improve lives, the community and the economy.  This model national outreach program is a three-way partnership of federal, state and county government and is an outreach arm of The University of Arizona.

Valle Del Sol

Valle del Sol “inspires positive change by investing in human services to strengthen families with tools and skills for self-sufficiency and by building the next generation of Latino and diverse leaders.” This is our mission statement and the purpose of why we exist to serve the community. Since its founding in 1970, Valle del Sol has grown to be one of Arizona’s largest nonprofit organizations helping thousands of men, women, children, families and the elderly meet their needs through behavioral health, primary care, human services, and leadership development programs. Every day, Valle del Sol’s staff upholds our commitment to the community and to each other by acting with integrity and honesty; preserving dignity for all; respecting differences; being inclusive of the community-at-large; and empowering our community. We have identified two “vision points” to serve as our guiding principles in fulfilling our roles and in meeting our commitment to the community:

  1. To become recognized as a leader in providing quality healthcare.
  2. To embody excellence in all we do and the resiliency to not settle for “good enough.” We must thrive to go beyond just meeting the needs of the people we serve. We must go at least one step further. That is where we will find excellence.

We embrace the opportunity for excellence because our work, in every area of the agency, helps people find what inspires them to live more fulfilling lives.

Valley of the Sun United Way

Established in 1925, the mission of VSUW is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community.  The organization’s vision is to build a caring community where all children and youth succeed, families are self-sufficient, and all people enjoy maximum health and independence.  VSUW continuously works to unify diverse partners, donors, business supporters, nonprofits, government, and faith-based communities to fight poverty.  VSUW accomplishes this by connecting volunteers to their passions, working with select communities empowering them to develop their own action plans, and uniting donors who want to create solutions.

Valleywise Health

As Arizona’s only public health care system, Valleywise Health is committed to offering comprehensive care for all those who live in Maricopa County and beyond.  Through a continuum of care and collaboration, Valleywise Health is dedicated to keeping our community healthy by offering medical care in a top-notch, service-oriented setting.

Washington Resource Information Center

The Washington Resource Information Center (WRIC) is a family resource center funded by First Things First and focuses on strengthening families with children ages Birth to Five years through Prevention, Intervention and Education.

Along with connecting families to community resources, we offer:

  • Kindergarten Readiness Programming
  • AHCCCS/SNAP Application Assistance
  • Early Literacy Programs/Activities
  • Parent Support Programs/Workshops
  • Family Play Group/Storytime

WRIC is committed to assisting families with having positive, early childhood experiences!

Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation

Winged Hope’s correlated programs focus on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Awareness, Prevention and Treatment. We help existing Family Advocacy Centers, and help start up new Family Advocacy Centers around Arizona.  We have reached thousands of victims and survivors around Arizona. We believe in collaborating with other non profits, government agencies and the community at large, to help spread our message of hope and provide services to all who need us.

Women’s Health Coalition of Arizona

The Women’s Health Coalition of Arizona (WHC) is a grassroots organization, formed in 2006 by a small group of concerned community members and providers interested in closing the gaps to the accessing of community services and health care; experienced by the growing population of racial and ethnic minority groups throughout Arizona. The WHC mission is to identify underserved populations in targeted communities with barriers to accessing appropriate health care, to advocate for adequate and appropriate services and to educate and empower these communities to be active participants in their own health care.

YWCA Maricopa County

YWCA Maricopa County is dedicated to eliminating discrimination, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.  Our vision is to develop opportunities for women’s growth in leadership and power to achieve human rights, dignity, freedom health, security, justice and peace for all people.

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