Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Goal: Enhance the quality and responsiveness of family support services by adopting and promoting the implementation of family support practice standards.

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Family Support Standards

Goal: Enhance the quality and responsiveness of family support services by adopting and promoting the implementation of family support practice standards.


In June 2012 MFSA joined the National Network of Family Support Networks (NNFSSN) and embraced their work of bringing the California Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support to the national level. MFSA has been a keen partner from the get-go—helping California adapt the Standards for national implementation, having the first members agencies trained in the Standards (outside of California) and being the first state to participate in the Train-the-Trainer model, so that MFSA can offer the National Standards Certification Training to all our member agencies.

Since October of 2013, MFSA has certified 135 people from 34 member agencies—that means 65% of MFSA member agencies have had staff participate in the Standards Certification Training. Click to learn more about the Standards.

Capacity Building Subcommittee

Goal: Increase knowledge about family support services and build capacity among the Alliance member agencies.


From Fall 2011 through Spring 2013 the Alliance has doubled in size, from 21 to 43 members. As of Fall 2013, 100% of member agencies have participated in one or more training or education events and 83% have participated in activities to further the goals of the Alliance.

Data Mapping and Reporting

Goal: To provide current, relevant information regarding the wellbeing of families in Maricopa County, assets available, and strategic mapping to inform all Alliance member agencies.


An annual report on the wellbeing of Maricopa County families in being compiled using member organization facts and figures, newly initiated surveys and interviews, plus secondary data from a variety of sources. Plans are being formulated to utilize GIS mapping to help inform future collaborative planning.

Outreach, Intake and Referral Subcommittee

Goal: To improve access to family support services through collaborative outreach, intake and referral processes.

Developed and tested a universal intake/referral form that sought to get families the right services at the right time, convey essential information to all appropriate personnel so family members don’t have to re-explain their circumstances and to prevent families giving up their quest for assistance. Following the pilot program, refinements were made to the universal intake/referral form and a digital version will soon be available.

Steering Committee

The Alliance has formed a Steering Committee comprised of volunteers from family support provider agencies. Its members include:

Kristina Almus
Arizona Partnership for Children
[email protected]

Toni Donnelly
Family Involvement Center
[email protected]

April Jones
Office of Community Engagement, Arizona Department of Economic Security
[email protected]

Carol Lopinski
Carol Lopinski & Associates
[email protected]

Cindy Quenneville
The New Foundation
[email protected]
602-945-3302 ext. 138

Julie Rosen
Child & Family Resources
[email protected]

Ginger Ward
Southwest Human Development
[email protected]

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