Enabling families to prosper in supportive communities

The mission of the Maricopa Family Support Alliance (MFSA) is to coordinate and grow a network of family support agencies and organizations dedicated to increasing the opportunities for families to be successful.

About Us

What does the Alliance do?

The Maricopa Family Support Alliance was formed in April 2011 to unite service providers and coordinate their efforts to get families the specific help and support they need more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

2014 MFSA Effectiveness Survey Final 9-19

We bring people together

The Alliance unites organizations and individuals committed to improving the quality of life for families in Maricopa County.

We support healthy relationships

The Alliance is not a service provider per se, but serves to build and support healthy, cooperative relationships among its members.

We create unique connections

The Alliance acts as glue, forming strong bonds between our members for the good of the families we serve.

We combine resources to empower families

The Alliance helps members share resources, coordinate services and empower families to achieve their goals.

We take action

The Alliance has a bias toward action, especially those that lead to better outcomes for Maricopa families in need.

We believe in strength in numbers

United by a common goal, the strength and effectiveness of the Alliance as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Goals of the alliance



To increase the awareness of family support services and expand the capacity of Alliance member agencies.



To accelerate family access to appropriate support services by enhancing the collaborative outreach, screening and referral processes.



To increase the availability of family support services that specifically respond to those needs defined by families.



To improve the quality and responsiveness of support services by adopting and promoting appropriate family support practice standards.

Values & Guiding Principles

The member organizations of the Maricopa Family Support Alliance are committed to:
  • Always putting families first. They are the experts of their lives and can best identify their needs and how to meet them.
  • Providing services and support that are culturally relevant.
  • The belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Establishing and achieving specific outcomes.
  • Ensuring open communication among all parties.
  • Working together in a positive, productive manner.
  • Leaving agency priorities at the door and focusing on families.
  • Being flexible and adapting to the specific needs and strengths of each family.

Partnerships & Collaborations

The Alliance considers developing partnerships and collaborations as central to increasing capacity among Alliance member agencies, resulting in expanded family support services across Maricopa County. Virginia Piper

The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust has provided critical support for the formation and ongoing efforts of the Alliance since 2011.

First Things First

First Things First partners with families and communities to support the healthy development of Arizona’s young children. First Things First helped form the Alliance and continues as a member to identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration and development of family support system activities.

Find Help Phoenix (Maricopa County Public Health)

This partnership provides an essential resource for both families and agency staff members by identifying services in specific communities across the county on their web site FindHelpPhx.com.

National Network of Family Support and Strengthening Networks

As a member of the National Network, the Alliance works with similar organizations across the country exploring options for improving family support services and sharing the latest research, policy developments and funding relating to family services.

Strong Families AZ

Strong Families AZ is a network of home visiting programs that helps families raise healthy children ready to succeed in school and in life. The programs focus on expectant parents and families with children. The Strong Families AZ network and the Alliance work to provide complementary training and education opportunities for service providers.