In January of this year, a family of three enrolled in Parents as Teachers.  Mom and Dad were concerned about their two-year-old’s language development and mom shared she didn’t feel like she had the tools or knowledge to play with her young child.

Even during the pandemic, the home visitor worked with the family, bringing materials that they played with together during visits, and sharing resources and handouts about child literacy.  Mom worked with her home visitor set a goal of creating a designated play space to store materials, engage in play, and learn how to clean-up when done.  Mom was able to share with the home visitor this would be difficult because there was not money for a play table or bookcases, who then was able to provide suggestions such as Goodwill to resource affordable items.  The family was successful finding all the items – in budget and were able to designate time each day for play.  Over time, daily engagement also now includes reading together.  The language development that was a concern in January is being fostered everyday by the parents know armed with knowledge and support from the home visitor.